YA Romance: ALL THE FEELS — A Guest Post by Author Lynne Matson

I LOVE young adult fiction. I’m talking full-on, head-over-heels LURRVVVVEEEE it. :) I love reading it, and I love writing it, so much that I honestly can’t imagine writing anything else. Why? Because YA has ALL THE FEELS.

Like this:

(Cute boy, holding up a homemade Valentine. Yup, FEELS. :D)

And this:

(That moment when you SEE that cute boy holding up a Valentine with your name on it…total swoon. :D)

So what makes YA so special, especially YA romance?

For me, it’s because of the firsts.

Think back, to the first boy—or girl—that caught your eye and held it. Now close your eyes. Picture that moment when you first saw his smile . . . found his eyes catching yours . . . felt that tightening in your chest, like you couldn’t get enough air . . . when you felt that surge of connection. Did you feel it? :) Thought so. That’s a first you never forget, because it’s SO powerful. Now think of your first near-miss kiss, when you felt the air disappear before yours lips then whoosh back . . . and your first real kiss, when his lips finally brushed yours. Think of the first time someone said “I love you” and meant it . . . and the first time someone said “I love you” and didn’t mean it after all. Think of your first broken heart.

2-13Every first holds the potential for THE BEST EVER: a love that is true and right from word one, a love destined for forever….or maybe simply the most mind-blowing kiss ever delivered or the most epic first date on the planet. :) Regardless, each first holds the promise of extraordinary, and with that promise comes power. The power to feel, the power to love, the power to care, and the power to hurt–and to be hurt. The power to give your heart to someone else, and the power of holding someone’s else’s for safekeeping. Oh, THE FEELS! Aren’t they the best? And they’re HUGE in YA. Absolutely HUGE.

Every sense is heightened when it’s the first; it’s why YA romance boasts such a high swoon factor. The rush of feels is such a rush. My favorite stories in YA (including mine :D) all have love at their core–or at least in play. Because even when the romance isn’t driving the story, if the heart is still there, it brings all the feels with it.

So go pick up YA romance . . . and prepare for ALL THE FEELS. I promise you won’t be disappointed. :)

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