You Know You Are Obsessed with YA When...

1. When people started talking about how obsessed they were with "that shades of grey book," you thought they were talking about this.

2. You've had many heated arguments with your friends about which faction you'd each be in.

3. The weirdest things make you cry, like the phrases "Kiss me Hardy!" and “Okay?”

4. You are so tired of people saying "Oh, like The Hunger Games?" when you say you read YA... Even though, yes, of course, you mean like The Hunger Games.

5. Your biggest aspiration in life is not to one day have a prince, but to one day have a Printz.

6. You’ll forget your own name before you forget the geography of the Olympic Peninsula.

7. Even though it’s totally a necessity when you wear jeans with booties, it took you years to finally double cuff your pants because “You must never double-cuff the Pants. It's tacky. There will never be a time when this will not be tacky.”

8. You’ve been known to rate movies and TV shows "on a scale from Ella Enchanted to The 100...."

9. You know a lot of creepy facts about your favorite authors, like every place John Green has ever lived, or how long Meg Cabot’s been gluten free, or how to pronounce Steifvater

10. SPOILER ALERT GOSSIP GIRL! And finally, the toughest cross to bear of all… Your friends have called you to ask questions about numerous movies and TV shows because they assume you’ve read the book. So, no. For the last time, no. I don’t know why Dan was Gossip Girl. I don’t think anyone does.

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