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On Your Mark, Get Set, NaNo!

I love the sound of feverish typing and/or scribbling in the morning.

As all of you probably know, NaNoWriMo officially kicked off yesterday. For those of you who are participating, soon you may start getting concerned texts from friends, family and significant others checking in on your wellbeing. You might find yourself spacing out at work, mentally rewriting that last paragraph in your head and counting down the minutes until you can go home and do it for real. Pets will be delighted by all the time you’re suddenly spending at home. (Especially cats, because NaNo typically involves quite a bit of sitting, which is one of every cat’s very favorite things to do.)

sitty kitty

Your sanity may become strained. Your pajamas may degrade into a questionable degree of cleanliness. Tea/coffee mugs may pile up in the sink as snack crumbs and wrappers pile up in the trash can.


You might hit walls sometimes. That’s OK. Step back for a minute, take a breath, and then find a way over, under or around it. Remember that you don’t always have to go through the front door. There’s always a secret unlocked side door or a window you can jimmy open.

breakin in

You might start to feel like your story is dumb, or like your writing isn’t good enough. That’s totally normal. I forget who said this, but don’t be afraid to write crap. You know those authors who can write it perfectly on the first try? Me either, because they don’t exist. Don’t worry about getting it perfect right away. That’s what editing is for. But you can’t fix something that you haven’t written in the first place.

If at any point over the next month you start to feel fatigued or discouraged or lost, just remember what you’re working toward: a shiny brand new novel. That is your carrot. See it, believe it, and get on after it. You can do it!

you got this

I think you’re all nuts and that’s why I love ya. I’m cheering for you from the sidelines like a proud soccer mom (as is everyone else doing NaNoReadMo!). You got this!

Who’s doing NaNo? Feelin’ good, feelin’ pumped?

Every weekday in November, we’ll be including a super special writing prompt at the end of all our blog posts! Check out today’s:

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