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You’re the One that I Want: 2016 Critique Partner Matchmaking!

Finding a great critique partner can be harder than finding a significant other. Maybe you’ve been through a few, and you don’t want to be burned again without finding The One. Maybe you’re checking out the critiquing scene for the first time. Whatever the case, we at Swoon want to play matchmaker! 

Before we get into it, you may be wondering what exactly a critique partner does. Critique partners (or CPs) are an extremely important part of the revision and writing process. Before your manuscript goes to an editor or an agent (or the Swoon Reads site!), a CP can give you valuable outside perspective and support. The best CP can help you hone your skills and improve your writing when you may be too close to your own work. It’s a relationship that requires a lot of communication and trust. Also see this post on alpha vs. beta readers- your CP can fill this role. 

If you’re interested in finding a CP (or maybe just a brainstorm partner!), just fill out the form below and reply to this post with a comment:

Name: If you’re uncomfortable giving out your real name, give an online handle!

Genre you like to write/read: Specificity always helps! Perhaps provide your reader with examples of books you really enjoyed.

Project: Give a short blurb about your story and maybe where you’d like it to go.

Criteria: Do you want a critique partner or a beta reader? What kind of feedback do you want (e.g. structure, characterization, general suggestions, etc.)? What sort of commitment are you looking for — just a brainstormer, or a partner-in-arms?

Contact information: 

If you get a response, send a sample chapter (or 5-10 pages) of your project for review. Best case scenario: you’ve found The One — that one special CP who just gets it, who can encourage you and keep you focused, and who only makes your writing better. HOWEVER... 

Remember, just like in the dating world, sometimes it isn’t personal! If you don’t feel like a critique relationship is going to work out, don’t feel pressured to keep going. Be polite but honest, and always thank them for their efforts. It might take a few tries to find that one special person, so don’t get discouraged! Both parties should be able to walk away with no hard feelings.

Without further ado, check out the comment section below. If a project catches your eye, reply and get to critiquing! This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We’re very excited to host this CP match-up. Happy reading!

PS: If you are on twitter, use the hashtag #BeMyBeta to connect as well! And be sure to tag @swoonreads so we can share!

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