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A Darkness of Wolves


Wynrie Lowe's bipolar disorder is taking a turn for the worst, the worst part being that she doesn’t know she has it. From the way she feels toward her boyfriend, Ezra, to smoking and drinking just to make it through the day, Wyn is struggling in nearly every aspect of her life to control her moods. On top of it all, there was That Weekend - the one where she kissed Dawson, the boy who used to live next door and her BFF. Wynrie's torn up, torn apart, and torn to shreds and her diminishing mental health isn't helping.

It isn't until Ezra finds Wynrie with her car parked on the Fairfax Junction train tracks that anyone truly notices something's extra wrong, and Dawson returns to Fairfax Junction to begin to fight for Wynrie to feel something more than nothing - something for him.


  • 43652 words
  • About 175 pages
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