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A Life Like Mine


In this hilarious and touching novel, sixteen-year-old Phoebe Budzinski hasn’t been happy for the last four years, ever since her dad lost his job. Now, things are even worse: Mom kicked Dad out, and he may be homeless. But that’s not all: Justin, her boyfriend and rock, is training to become a Navy SEAL, which means he will leave her, too.

Tracking her dad, Phoebe gains inspiration that she uses to write an essay she had been avoiding and in so doing, transforms the entire English class. Meanwhile, Mom slowly transforms into a craft-store superhero, empowering Phoebe to help Justin train despite the ache she feels losing him, possibly forever. When Justin suffers a near-death experience and decides to give up his dream, Phoebe realizes it is more important that he goes after his dream than to live a life never having tried.


  • 47554 words
  • About 190 pages
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