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A Revolutionary Ardour


When Charlotte's brother Henri brings John Peter, a wounded soldier home for her to nurse, it hits her that the Revolutionary War has finally come to South Carolina. An American army that is larger and stronger than anything the state can offer has come to the rescue. Except that when this army is defeated near the city of Camden, and John Peter is taken prisoner by the British, the last hope is the local guerrillas, who set free John Peter, and part of the state from the enemy.

Through a series of intricate maneuvers planned by world class commanders, and superbly executed by soldiers like John Peter and Charlotte's brothers, South Carolina is gradually liberated from the British. When the Americans win the war, will Charlotte go back to her old, rural way of life? Or embrace the new life in a new nation that John Peter offers her?


  • 55325 words
  • About 221 pages
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