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A Unique Trinary System


Elora is an abominable combination of human and machine: a cyborg. For this offense, she must face judgment in a court of law where it will be decided if she's a person, owed the same rights as any other, or a robot, owed no rights at all.

But when the mind of a dead man is accidentally downloaded into her cybernetic brain, his thoughts and emotions intertwine with hers, and she begins to fall for his still-living husband--whether she wants to or not.

Finding her place among the humans who fear and hate her has always been hard. Now, she'll also have to find her place as an intermediary between a married couple while her own feelings hang in the balance. With the trial fast approaching, and anti-robot protesters demanding her head, she doesn't realize the couple's friendship and love may be the key to proving how human she is.


  • 78987 words
  • About 316 pages
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