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Adelaide Muchmore has a bias against good-looking guys. Average good-looking? Sure, fine. But the extremely good-looking man can’t be trusted—especially if he’s a sharp dresser, like George Allen.

George, an investment banker, strives for excellence in everything he does—including his search for the perfect Mormon wife. When he meets cellist Adelaide Muchmore, he thinks he may have finally found someone who exceeds his ridiculously high standards. The only problem is— she immediately dismisses him as an incurable flirt and starts dating his roommate.

Now Adelaide has a front row seat to George’s pursuit of the ideal woman, not only because she's dating his best friend, but because her mom, who fancies herself a matchmaker, keeps setting him up. Adelaide watches in horror as girl after girl falls for George—including, maybe, her.


  • 62466 words
  • About 250 pages
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