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Against The Grain


Brenda McCoy is a good girl who always did what her mother asked of her. She even went off to a good college as her family had always advised her to do, but things suddenly changed once she finally arrived at college. Brenda is eager to see what she can do on her own. The military culture that surrounds her is so rich and influential that she unthinkably enlists into the United States Army. Immediately, she’s shipped off to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Will she be able to get through the initial army training? The minute Brenda steps foot off the bus on the grassy courtyard of 369th Delta Company Infantry Regiment, she realizes she may have been in over her head. Yet and still, Private McCoy rises from her bunk and assembles into formation before sunrise every day, ready to learn the warrior tasks and drills. Will McCoy survive training?


  • 90586 words
  • About 362 pages
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