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And There Was Your Truth


Recovering addict Courtney doesn’t understand why she goes back to Chris. After all, she very much loves Robert, her affectionate boyfriend of three years. Yet she is drawn to the dark path leading to Chris, the thrill of the affair somehow giving her back a piece of herself she was missing. She suspects the violence from her childhood has nudged her to a life of chaotic desires, but she wants to change.
As she struggles to break off a fragment of her love triangle and morph it back to a love duo, she is forced to navigate through her destructive feelings and make choices she never planned for.

This journey follows all three characters as they are faced with painful realities involving Courtney’s indiscretions, pushing them to come to terms with not only what it is they want, but who it is they want to be.


  • 69418 words
  • About 278 pages
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