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As Long As There's Light


Infinity Jones has had a hard time making friends. She starts her own club called the Artist's Circle in an attempt to bring people together to share her love of art. There, she meets Ethan, a boy who she never thought she would be with. The two begin dating and are in an immediate struggle with the transition from high school to college. Infinity never had the best relationship with her mother and when her father is diagnosed with cancer, her world capsizes.
As Infinity transitions from high school to college, she experiences a heart-shattering betrayal that forces her to question everything. But through it all, the friends she has made stick with her and never let her forget that she is strong and that her light cannot be put out.
As Long As There's Light is a story about one survivor's quest to find strength and healing.


  • 50173 words
  • About 201 pages
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