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Battle of the Bands: Full Disclosure


Hendrix Ramone has been in his band since middle school. Beckham O'Halloran joined her band on a whim when her mom moved her halfway across the country. Both are just looking for a chance to make it and that chance comes when a certain reality TV show comes to town.
Enter Battle of the Bands, an annual competition that pits fifteen of the best local bands against one another in a high-stakes game of who will come out on top and who will crack under pressure. The prize: a recording contract and a spot at Wango Tango the next year.
Nerves and adrenaline run high as these up-and-coming bands, many of whom haven't performed outside of their parents' garages, are tasked with becoming full-fledged rockstars by the end of the summer. With each round, the competition heats up and still the question remains: who will come out on top?


  • 60421 words
  • About 242 pages
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