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Becky Borden and the Golden Jewel Box Mystery


An adventure for the young reader, where three young heroes quest for legendary treasure and face the threat of a nasty villain, ultimately for a noble purpose.
When Becky Borden sees her mom’s troubled face at the classroom door her world begins to tumble, but it isn't until she buys the golden jewel box that she discovers her life and her solution could be in danger. Crushed by her father’s crippling accident, her family’s disaster, and the deep desire to help, Becky and her two friends try to solve a legendary mystery, plunging head-over-heels into trouble. As a deranged antique collector chases them through mountainous terrain and tunnels, they face dangerous animals, collapsing mineshafts, and dark abysses.


  • 69913 words
  • About 280 pages
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