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Nine months ago, Emma Alcaster's older brother disappeared without a trace, leaving the entire world stumped and the sleepy town of Netherfield on edge.

Now a mysterious book called the Codex that was last in Eddie's possession has appeared before Emma. Certain that the Codex is the key to finding her brother, Emma and her best friends--Bea and Richie--embark on an adventure that leads them to the land of Biblios, where one can enter books and interact with fictional characters.

When Emma learns that Eddie is trapped inside one of these books, she uses the Codex and clues Eddie left behind to follow him and bring him home.

However, a dark evil lurks, and Emma's quest becomes more urgent as it is no longer only Eddie's life at stake anymore.

No, it is all works of literature and art that will burn...


  • 64352 words
  • About 257 pages
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