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Bo and the Beast


In this futuristic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Bo is the leader of a group of refugees with no homes to return to. After a great war between the inhabitants of earth and creatures from another planet, the humans now rely on scavenging the war-torn remains of the blast zones to keep themselves alive.

When Bo's father is late returning from a scavenging hunt, she knows something has gone wrong. Fearing that he might have taken her request to bring back a now-extinct rose seriously, Bo sets off to find him in the Dead Woods. Only, when she does find her father, she also finds an enemy that was thought to have left the planet long ago.

Bo is forced to choose between her freedom or her father, and her refugees or a creature that killed so many humans with its bare teeth that it was dubbed the Beast.


  • 87178 words
  • About 349 pages
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