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Bones Marina


James and his sister, Emilia, have been on the run, looking for their uncle. Finally, after two years of searching, they find him, though he's not what they expect him to be. His name is Captain Arrow, and he owns The Neptune's Dagger - an infamous pirate ship. The two siblings become pirates as well, thinking that they can get away from their problems. However, curiosity gets the better of James and he discovers a journal that contains the location of Soul Island - an island of legend that is said to contain riches untold.

Unfortunately for James, that isn't the only thing special about the journal: he seems to be the only one who can read it.

James must keep his gift a secret, otherwise, an old enemy of Captain Arrow could resurface and rip him away from his new family forever.

Dedicated to Boomsheika on Tumblr.


  • 45663 words
  • About 183 pages
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