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Zephyr DiLauro is the star of the school's drama club. But that's about the only thing she's got going for her anymore. She's got a cocky ex-boyfriend she doesn't want to star opposite. She has a super religious best friend who has a great boyfriend. She has a mother who can't seem to make a good decision. She just wants everything to be picture perfect, the way it is in the plays that she stars in.

Eli Booker has a great life from the outside. He's a star baseball player. He comes from a picture perfect family. But behind the facade is a history of abuse and a teenager who just wants to be able to be himself. With the support of his new friend, Aiden Marshall, Eli joins the drama club.

What ensues is a relationship no one saw coming and the passion of first love.


  • 52041 words
  • About 208 pages
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