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Breathe the Moment: One Year. Ten Stories.


As summer draws to a close, everyone anticipates a year of business as usual. Kyle expects another year of his crush on Jessie to pass by unrequited. However, things get complicated when his rival, Tommy, expresses interest in her, which is bad news for Emily, whose emotions have a mind of their own. Luckily, Kyle's best bud John is always there with solid advice, and a decent joke, especially when Alli, Tommy's icy ex, begins to thaw. Meanwhile, Lauren is tortured by her infatuation with Damien, and faces more than one obstacle to his heart. Throughout the chaos, Ryann is content on the sidelines, living vicariously through the other girls. Jason, on the other hand, is tired of being the class joke, and would give his left hand to be with any of the girls from his St. Ambrose Top Five.


  • 79510 words
  • About 318 pages
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