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CHAOTIC MAGIC II : Age of the Sorcerer


As a boy, Septimus garnered the attention of the magic world. Those days are gone.

Living in a dilapidated tower, unable to make ends meet, the sorcerer takes on an apprentice. She barely registers a magical trace. She's insolent and stubborn. It' s more of a headache than he bargained for.

But at least she can clean his tower and fetch things he needs while he devotes his energy to getting revenge. Because, as the most powerful sorcerer who ever lived, Septimus has plans. The magic world turned their back on him, but he's going to make them take notice.

What he doesn't suspect, what he can't imagine, is that his young, talentless apprentice might be his undoing.

--cover art by Nick Barfuss.


  • 93145 words
  • About 373 pages
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