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Child of Destruction DelSheree Gladden


Survival is all anyone cares about in the refugee camp where Harmony has spent her entire life. Everyone wears themselves down just trying to stay alive. Harmony can't help but wonder what the point is when staying safe only inflicts misery.

Wanting more, Harmony risks helping an outsider in the hopes that the other refugees will realize there may be more outside of their bare existence. The hope she inspires comes at a price, however,angering Luther and putting her in danger of exile.

Zen refuses to let his father, Luther, hurt Harmony, but Pace isn't about to lose Harmony to Luther or Zen. In the midst of trying to keep herself out of Luther's hands, Harmony's heart is torn in two as she struggles to figure out which of the young men determined to save her she truly loves.


  • 94447 words
  • About 378 pages
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7 comments on "Child of Destruction"

DP on May 12, 2016, 4:04 p.m. said:


Sweet, fun...A few grammatical errors ("drug" instead of "dragged")...Good start to the series

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Ellery Reid on Aug. 13, 2013, 10:34 p.m. said:

Ellery Reid

This was a good book that mainly focused on the love triangle and the female MC's way of dealing with it. There are a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes sprinkled throughout the manuscript. Some suggestions for the author are: 1. Put the name of who's narrating at the beging of the chapter. Not knowing who was who at first and switching around narrators was rather confusing. 2. Explain to the reader what Exzo means with the first mention. Another rather confusing thing for new readers that they have to figure out. 3. Change your description of Down Syndrome. It is not that a person is missing a chromosome, it is that the person has an extra, a third, 21 chromosome. That is why DS is called trisomy 21. I feel that accurate information is needed on genetic disorders like this no matter if the book is fiction. /science major 4. Describe what the characters look like when we first meet them and then provide gentle reminders throughout the book. Personally I am terrible when it comes to picturing how characters look and I am totally off if I am not reminded often.

Now onto the things I liked. I love how well this love triangle was handled, if the ending was a bit rushed. I loved the rotating narrators too. Each character had a distinct voice and personality. I also liked how the tension was carried throughout the whole novel and that the tension made me want to read until I dropped. Also the ending, though a bit rushed in the love triangle area, was perfect. It was a happy one and left plenty of room for a sequel which I hope the author writes. Because I totally needed that sequel yesterday.

~Ellery Reid

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DelSheree Gladden on Dec. 28, 2013, 1:43 p.m. said:

DelSheree Gladden

I'm so glad you enjoyed Child of Destruction, Ellery! Thank you for your suggestions as well. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond :)

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Kara Skinner on Jan. 3, 2014, 10:29 p.m. said:

Kara Skinner

I agree with Ellery about the confusion of the narrator and with the information about Down Syndrome. Yes there were some mistakes, so the manuscript could use a good proof reading. However, that aside, I thought it was a really good story. Harmony is really cool and I love strong heroines so this book was definitely a good book for me. The love triangle and plot was well done and I liked how the characters were developed even the minor characters like mr. Yen. ( I've actually been studying Chinese, and I'm not sure the inability to pronounce the r sound is correct however. The symbol for day when writing the date has the pinyin "ri". But ri is mainly the written form and the spoken form is usually "hao" so I could be wrong). This is a good book overall and I definitely want to read the sequel.

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DelSheree Gladden on Jan. 6, 2014, 4 p.m. said:

DelSheree Gladden

Thank you for taking the time to read Child of Destruction Kara! I'm glad you enjoyed the characters and story :) When the book goes to print I'll be able to use the chapter headings to help with the confusion on switching narrators. I've had trouble making changes to the book on this site to fix the Down's issue. I'll have to look into the "r" sound more. My linguistics professor in college had talked about the "r" sound being difficult, but I can definitely do more research on that to make sure. Thanks for mentioning it! Thank you again for reading, Kara!

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Taryn Skinner on July 23, 2014, 9:31 a.m. said:

Taryn Skinner

I think that this story and all of the characters are compelling and well-developed - very very well done. I wasn't surprised to find out when I googled you that you've published other books before, and I'm already going through your Amazon list to decide which one I'd like to read next.

Here are some tips for polishing this work.
1. Drug is not the past tense of drag: this is a regional word that seems right to some parts of the country, but very very wrong to the rest of it. You used it around a dozen times in the last 15% of the book. There were quite a few other typos that spell-check wouldn't catch as well such as cash when you meant cache, immerge when you meant emerge, etc.

2. You introduce the character Miera at the beginning of the story and then promptly seem to forget about her - I'd either ditch her completely or else find a way to develop her later on. If you plan on using her more in the next book, then even just a mention every now and then would suffice to make sure we remember her. Also, Cord disappears for the last third to quarter of the book: he should get a few mentions too.

3. I personally disagree with Ellery on describing every character's appearance and reminding us throughout the story, I think that is annoying. A brief reference to hair or eyes would suffice. I like your mention of Pace's lean runner physique in the beginning, it gave us a good picture of him but also blended into the story. I was less happy when you revealed he had sandy blond hair close to the end of the book: by this time, I'd been picturing Pace the whole story and didn't like suddenly switching his appearance in my mind: you should put this at the beginning if you choose to mention it.

4. You write early on that the town founders chose peace names for children in the hopes of achieving peace: Zen scoffs at this idea. Why? He didn't know there were other people out there, and their town seemed to be at peace, overall. Was it the night-stalkers?

5. I don't think any town with a baby shortage would make the penalty for pre-marital sex a death sentence - it doesn't make sense and it's certainly not in their best interest to kill young healthy breeders. Why not just force them to marry each other? I know you needed a reason for Luther to condemn Zen but Luther could have made something up.

6. I did not like the scene where Zen and Pace discuss how to protect Harmony while she's sleeping, oblivious. Harmony is a strong character and I love her, but this scene reminded me uncomfortably of something Edward and Jacob would do: discussing how to protect Bella without talking to her. (I am so sorry for this comparison, Harmony is an awesome protagonist whom I really admire a lot for the record. And this was the only scene to remind me of that.)

7. Zen mentions in the beginning that there are 8 kids under 12 and 7 between 12 and 17. Luther says later on that it's been 6 years since they've had a baby survive. That means that there are 8 kids between 6 and 12, and 0 kids between 0 and 6. Why not put one or two toddlers in there? It seems to me that babies being born every 1 to 2 years is still pretty rare. After all, Tranq, Bke, Zen, Pace, Taikos, and Harmony are 6 people all born within two years.

8. I don't really think the title and cover fit too well with the actual story itself. I know you should judge a book by its cover but if I had to, I'd say it looks like a serious, depressing book about drugs or abuse. Not a fun dystopian adventure.

9. Pace's misery about the beads should be something we feel in real-time I think, not as a reference at the end of the books.

Overall as I said, this story is great, and a lot of these tips are just for finishing touches on it. I have personally become a fan of yours just from reading this story - any recommendations on which of your other books I should read next?

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DelSheree Gladden on July 23, 2014, 9:04 p.m. said:

DelSheree Gladden

Thank you so much for such a detailed comment Taryn! I really appreciate you taking the time to list out the different areas that need tightened up. This one is one I haven't had a lot of time to work on lately, but I'm hoping to get back to it soon and these will really help me know where to focus. I am notoriously bad at describing characters and getting that out in the beginning, so thanks for reminding me to take care of that, lol! Sorry about all those "drug" uses! I'm much better about that now after one of my editors beat that habit out of me :) I totally agree about the cover, too :) When I first uploaded this I didn't realize I needed a cover and just through one together very quickly with a stock photo I had on hand. I'll work on getting a better one done and uploaded. When I go back to do edits on this one, I'll definitely have your comments on hand! Thank you so much for all the help!! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it :)

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