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Corinda of the Sea


When Corinda tragically dies, her younger sister Leniece does the only thing she knows how—she casts a spell, instructing the seagods to reincarnate Corinda as a mermaid.

After waking up in the body of a mermaid, Corinda realizes she has a second chance at life, but things are far from perfect. The spell has gone awry. She was reincarnated into the body of Merit—a mermaid who has just died. With this body comes Merit's past, Merit's family, and Merit's mer-boyfriend Dorian.

When a magical, yet fraught, dolphin named Keepsake arrives and tells Corinda he knows who she truly is and how to fix things, she follows him into the depths of the unknown sea to get back to her true love Royal. Dorian follows her, and when she begins to fall in love with him, she wonders if he truly loves her for who she is now, or the mermaid she once was.


  • 44317 words
  • About 177 pages
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