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Crossing Charon


Crossing Charon picks up where Chiron's Descent ends (also on Swoon Reads). Marlene struggles to make sense of John, the new senior who has swept her off her feet and stolen her heart while keeping many secrets from her. As she discovers more and more about him and realizes their meeting is anything but random, she is confronted by a decision that will change her life forever. She loves John, but her mother will never allow him to be part of her life, the neighborhood bully is determined to kill both of them, and as if that weren't enough, even the very laws of physics are supposed to keep them apart. John and Marlene know they cannot continue to coexist in her tiny Ohio town, yet they must overcome far more than just changing longitude and latitude in order to have a future together.


  • 71314 words
  • About 285 pages
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