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Crushed Lilies


Morgan Jefferson's past still torments her - the killer that faced justice four years ago. The scars she lives with are always on display, and now her past has come back to haunt her. Someone is killing again, and Morgan is obsessed with discovering the new killer’s identity.

Eyes turn toward her, questioning whether or not the man killed for his crimes by his fellow inmates was guilty. Morgan knows the truth, but the secrets she’s keeping threaten to overpower her.

Cash believes her, but he's the only one - and he has his own secrets. His aunt, a local reporter, feast on the dubious details of the case, her eyes on Morgan. When the truths collide, the people they’ve pretended to be are exposed, and they will both have to let go of their secrets. No one is safe in Beverly, especially those who know the truth.


  • 83568 words
  • About 334 pages
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