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Crystal Eyes


Charlotte Jones had two goals for the summer: ace her internship and not get arrested again. She was certainly not planning on the cause of her delinquent past, Finn, getting her kidnapped to his world, Somnos, by his enemy.
Desperate to protect Somnos and Charlotte, Finn seeks to obtain more magic and send Charlotte back to Earth. But she senses there’s something Finn isn’t telling her – something that everyone else knows.
His adversaries are hell-bent on manipulating her to be the next proxy, a magical guardian of a world. They’re allied with the rival of the stars and believe Charlotte is the key to Earth. Charlotte soon realizes she has two choices: do what Finn dreads by becoming a proxy, or save herself and escape to the delicate safety of her own planet.


  • 81210 words
  • About 325 pages
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