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When fifteen-year-old dyspraxic Annora stumbles across a package containing shiny new red shoes, she’s transformed from uncoordinated klutz to graceful swan―just in time to impress Holmes, a cute parkourist, at the homecoming dance.

Annora continues to wear the shoes to impress Holmes, only to be plagued by eerie dreams and stalked by bloody footprints. As Annora investigates the shoes’ haunting origins, she learns the spirits of their previous owners have been trapped at a dance club in Limbo by a vengeful ghost. And now she wants to possess Annora.

Annora’s not about to hand her body over without a fight. And maybe―just maybe―Holmes could actually like her for herself, blunders and all. But Annora may not get the chance to find out, because if she can’t release the ghosts, she’ll become one.


  • 69571 words
  • About 278 pages
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