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Dark Tilly


‘Our kind are scarred with the names of those we’ve hurt with our magick, to serve as a warning to others to keep their distance. But every rule has an exception, and we are no exception to that rule. Only the cunning can hide their true visage, but it comes at a price.’

Matilda uses magick to hide who she is and, without the consequences of a name carved on her face, she uses her craft to get what she desires. But something in the autumn air turns sour when Matilda suffers blackouts and a classmate is found murdered with Matilda’s name carved all over her body. Matilda suspects someone much darker than herself is using magick to get what they want. Instead of enjoying pumpkin spice lattes and bobbing for apples with new boy, Oliver, Matilda enlists his help to find out who’s hurting people before anyone else turns up dead.


  • 57918 words
  • About 232 pages
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