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As far as Rylee is concerned, every Elect deserves to have their eyes eaten out by rats and their entrails crammed down their own throats. In a time when most people fight just to survive, Rylee and her friends fight to protect Norms from the Elects who steal into the slums to rape girls and kill for sport.

But when Rylee unwittingly kills the son of a high-ranking Elect, she sets off a chain of terrible events that will consume all she holds dear. In the midst of her troubles, her life becomes entangled with a mysterious—and infuriatingly charming—Elect who comes to the slums seeking asylum. In order to save the ones she loves—and perhaps more—she must ally herself with her enemy. Ultimately, she must decide between becoming the thing she most loathes or risk losing everything. She must become an Elect herself.


  • 85452 words
  • About 342 pages
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