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Driving Change


Bethany, who hasn't driven since her parent's death, decides to take a road trip to cure herself of her fears, but she doesn't expect to be joined by Daniel, a lost freshman she meets at the gas station. Together, the two discover that their journey will change more than just their relationship status—it will help them discover who they really are.
Excerpt from Ch 2:
"You obviously want to get out of this town," Daniel said. "Why would you stay when all of your friends went off to college?"
"I wasn't ready for change." I confessed after a moment of hesitation. It was difficult to say, since it was the first time I'd ever told anyone that. It was even harder because it was the first time I'd really admitted it to myself.
"But you're ready now." It wasn't a question.
"I think so."


  • 47838 words
  • About 191 pages
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