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End Game


Alexis Reign has always been the one, the one to save the world, the one for someone, the one that always feared not just herself but of what she was capable of.

She was the key. She was the saviour of this world, from the bleak dystopian future that would befall us, all of us, the entire human race. She was our protecter. She couldn't falter, she couldn't stumble, she couldn't hesitate. If she did she'd die, if she did we'd die.

So, she has to make sacfices for the greater good of the human race. But at what cost?

Join her, join us as we unravel her story, can she save us, can she find herself, can she open up just enough for that special someone? Or will her fear be her downfall, not only for herself but for us all.


- Has mature themes, please read at your own discretion


  • 98894 words
  • About 396 pages
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