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Fearless Stars


A thrilling journey filled with magic and second chances set in a modernized fantasy world where a Holy-touched girl and a would-be king must fight for survival after a brutal attack on their capital perfect for fans of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Ally, her two friends, Brenna and Lizbeth, and her little sister escape a brutal attack on their capital only to find themselves on the run. Ally’s seemingly ordinary life takes another abrupt turn when she discovers that she is suddenly Holy-touched and in a magic-seized land at war, it is another thing she must keep secret.

Marcus, the would-be-king and military officer, barely escapes the destruction of Dowling City. With Marcus as the sudden face of the rebellion and Ally as one of the kingdom's last Sars, they must embrace their destinies or lose Sundria forever.


  • 84256 words
  • About 337 pages
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