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After three tours as a Marine sniper in Afghanistan Jacob came back to Jacksonville. Two months later, something happened. Something terrible. All the evidence pointed to him. Mental disorder, prints on the gun, no evidence of anyone else being there. There was no way out of it. Except, he didn't do it. He became a fugitive. On the run from the police, so he could figure out who actually did it. To prove his innocence, and for revenge. Jacob's mission took him all the way to Russia. He got some help along the way. A lot of help. But the questions still remain. Did he get the girl? Did he get caught? Did he get his revenge?

Read to find out

DISLCAIMER: Mild violence, mild swearing, some of the themes are a bit mature but there are no sex scenes.


  • 75200 words
  • About 301 pages
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