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Gem & Jim


At the very instant Lucia learns she's been rejected from her dream college, she receives a phone solicitation from Ivo, a telemarketer and student at that college. Lucia rages at Jim because of his bad timing but later calls back to apologize. They exchange (fake) names and along the way become texting friends with feelings that could go much deeper. As Ivo and Lucia come to know each other through texting, they develop trust enough to share confidences they don't share with others. The problem is, Lucia thinks Ivo is Jim and Jim thinks Lucia is Gem. Meanwhile, Ivo and Lucia have unwittingly found themselves as assistant co-coaches for a summer swim team. Problems ensue when the head coach position is up for grabs and the problems only intensify over the course of the summer. Inspired by 'The Shop Around the Corner'.


  • 55292 words
  • About 221 pages
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