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Recruited into the highly secretive Academy of Martial Arts, Genesis Mandes relishes the challenge. But upperclassman & super jock, Noah Jones, tries to convince her to quit. Yeah, he may be a buff badass, but he’s totally wrong about her. His warning makes the girl fight harder to succeed—to uncover secrets first years aren’t allowed to know. She’s curious, she’s smart, & her developing second sight leads to peril beyond her imagination—straight through the off-limits Dragon’s Arch with Noah in her wake.

Landing in 1215 London, these highly trained ninjas must find the enemy and prevent them from altering space-time. And there’s nothing like fighting for their lives to transform rivals into friends. Noah even tempers their rift with a mind-blowing kiss, but this mission is no date-night sparring match. It’s as real as it is deadly.


  • 76245 words
  • About 305 pages
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