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Ghost of Flowers


As the goddess of flowers, Prosippina has never been anyone very important amongst the divine. But when her lover, Marius, leaves her for a mortal Queen, she’s left shamed in front of her peers. Then to make matters worse, Marius’ lover is killed, and all evidence points to Prosippina as the murderer.

In order to clear her name she decides to strike a bargain with a demon and journey into the Realms of the Dead to bring back the mortal Queen. For her quest to succeed she must complete three impossible tasks: find the bones of an unborn child, find the will to live amongst the Forest of Suicides, and find the Queen’s soul amongst the entire Realms of the Dead. She begins her quest armed only with flowers and her resolve, following a demon guide she’s not sure she can trust.


  • 63646 words
  • About 255 pages
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