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Jason Cervantes has problems. Half-Hispanic mariachi musicians from rural Texas don’t blend in. Especially not in Newburyport, CT, even at the music magnet high school. And no amount of talent on clarinet, violin, or guitar can help him escape collision with the student Jason immediately nicknames ‘Gorillaman.’
No worry. Tiny tough as nails gymnast Sarah Elliot rescues Jason without a flinch. Once they officially meet, she invites him into her protective circle of friends. They, however, are wary. Sarah is erratic, gullible, and hopelessly fond of impossible dreams. Her friends also guard a dark secret from her past.
Then Jason befriends Sarah’s former student mentor, senior Elizabeth Franklin. She wants to audition for a famous vocal competition but is afraid to ask for help. She needs help. She's living in a dark secret of her own.


  • 84974 words
  • About 340 pages
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