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Reyes and had been friends with Korošec for four years and all he knew was that Korošec dealt drugs. It wasn’t until Korošec showed Reyes the truth that he begins to have doubts about his friend’s intentions. Korošec lived in Green-Wood cemetery and his undead grandmother, Evelina, had been helping him infuse pills with spirits that were trapped in Green-Wood because of a curse placed on her over a century ago. The only way to free the spirits was through possession for one night. Julian’s visceral reaction to Korošec’s eerie secret causes him to uncover something darker: a beast that lurks in the depths of Green-Wood and truths about Evelina that could destroy everything he loves. No matter how many layers of Korošec and Evelina’s life Julian uncovers, there’s always more and it drives him further into both hating and the magic it holds.


  • 60912 words
  • About 244 pages
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