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Haven City


America has fallen. Now, Natalie lives in Haven City, one of the safest cities on Earth... or so the Governor says. It's not that it's lacking in security, it's got plenty of that. If anything, security has become more of a parasite nowadays, and Natalie knows it. Hiding from the law is becoming more challenging and dangerous with every passing day, especially when Natalie's own eyesight could incriminate her. Her only chance of survival is to follow one of her customers on an adventure filled with friendship, tacos, and murderers, in order to find justice and redemption in a broken world.


  • 55122 words
  • About 220 pages
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  • Heat

    5 (3 ratings)

  • Tears

    5 (4 ratings)

  • Laughs

    6 (3 ratings)

  • Thrills

    7 (4 ratings)

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