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In Haven, humans and supernatural creatures--Sups, colloquially--live side by side in semi-harmony. So, when Zara's blind date turns out to be a vampire, it's less surprising than one might expect. What is a surprise is how much she actually likes him, despite finding the whole bloodsucking thing, well, pretty gross. But she thinks she might be able to look past the fangs, considering how cute he is when he smiles.

However, that same night, Sups across the city begin going inexplicably feral, assaulting civilians in the streets. When Zara becomes one of the victims, she is thrust to the forefront of a conflict that threatens to tear Haven apart. Alongside her new maybe-boyfriend, she becomes part of an unlikely ensemble that must figure out what is turning the Sups feral and try to stop it, before the whole city devolves into chaos.


  • 68451 words
  • About 274 pages
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