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He Who Will Be King


There are no winners in war. Only a side that loses less than the other.

The kingdom of Mahka was declared the winner of the last war, but peace has never returned. Ewan Kaull is preparing to take the throne on his 18th birthday. To keep him alive until then, he is appointed a personal bodyguard: Shayde El'Yoise.

Shayde plays the part of the bodyguard in a perpetual foul mood, even as he hides a dark secret, but feelings between prince and bodyguard develop that were never meant to be.

But there is no time for love. Pandemonium has made their move. Innocent civilians are attacked, battles are waged, and chaos overtakes the land. And so begins another war. Now Ewan has to save more than his own people. Meanwhile, Shayde has to make his hardest decision yet: who will he betray--his people, or his love?

(Book One)


  • 136024 words
  • About 544 pages
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