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Hello From Heaven


"Cathy, don't be a monster, be a girl." Those are words I never learned how to say, and, therefore, can't say to myself.
"I love you." Is a phrase I won't say again, and, therefore, I can't say to you.
After a car accident takes her parents' lives, Cathy Marang distances herself from the world.
From their house in the sky, Cathy's parents watch over the family, and wish they could have done more for Cathy who, unlike her kind-hearted brother, grew to have a headstrong mentality, and isn't one to easily open up to others.
Enter June, a sweet Angel her father sends to earth to be a devoted boyfriend toward Cathy; and Winnie, a carefree actor who takes Cathy by surprise with his attempts to win her heart.As two paths come into focus, will Cathy be able to follow her heart without regrets?


  • 67864 words
  • About 271 pages
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