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When Hector is abandoned by his mother as a child, he falls back on his ancient birthright to define his place in the world. But history isn't always founded on truth, and he cannot live in the past. He strikes up a friendship with Islay, the freethinking and independent daughter of an itinerant artist. Islay has a gift. Together they witness a horrific accident covered-up by his forebears. Hector’s beliefs and values are challenged as his life spirals out of control,

Hector has to heal the relationship with his mother. The friends fly to Greece and join Hector's Russian stepfamily on their mega yacht. His celebrity mother is heavily pregnant. The Meltemi wind sweeps through the islands and Hector fears that Islay is holding out on him. If Hector fails to bring about the reconciliation, no one can move on with their lives.


  • 54134 words
  • About 217 pages
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