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Immunity Hunter


Seventeen-year-old Sasame is a Hunter. She kidnaps people immune to a deadly virus to be used as experiments. When she meets Ronan and his goofy friends, all of her training washes away. She avoids him at first, but his persistence reels her in. He makes her clumsy, she makes his knees buckle. While trying to complete her assignment, Sasame grows closer to the other teens in Ronan's social circle. For the first time in years, she feels wanted.

Realizing she can't avoid him for much longer, Sasame decides to give Ronan a chance. Their slow-burn romance gets off to a great start until Sasame's boss finds out. Now, she must keep Ronan a secret while continuing her missions or be forced to watch him die.


  • 94004 words
  • About 376 pages
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