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In A Moment


Trapped in a room for almost a year and no memory of her life, Novily is suddenly rescued by a stranger who claims to know her. As they run from the government that controlled their lives for so long, Novily finds herself in a world she doesn’t recognize and with people she doesn’t remember. As she tries to understand her place in the world, her relationships with others, and herself, she discovers she just might be more powerful than she could possibly imagine.

Ansel has loved Novily since the moment he first laid eyes on her. Up until she was taken for government experimentation, she loved him too. Now an escaped soldier, Ansel is on the run with the girl who no longer knows who he is. Trying to escape the government that tortured him, keep his friends safe, and win back the love of his life, Ansel must also face his own dark past.


  • 47071 words
  • About 188 pages
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    7 (14 ratings)

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