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Into the Darkness


Kat Vega has been blessed as a Seer. However, when a tall, dark, and handsome stranger named John charms himself into Kat’s life being able to look into the future doesn’t help her see what he has in stored. Her life is turned upside-down and she loses everything; her family, her world, and her freedom. She is determined to get her freedom back. At any cost. Her desire to be liberated leads her into the Shadowlands. Kat enlists the help of her Darklings, four charming but dangerous creatures, to seek out the mysterious Music Man to help break the magic that binds her. Along the way, she meets Dickson, another human trapped in the Shadowlands. Their lives become entangled as Kat struggles to prove she's no longer a damsel in distress, all the while trying to avoid becoming John's puppet once again.


  • 101068 words
  • About 404 pages
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