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Into the Deep Mikayla Whitaker


In our world, there are two things we know: the impossible can't be done, and mermaids don't exist. But, could there be a possibility, that that isn't true?

After going through disaster after disaster, she finds hope and love, even after finding out who and what she really is.

Not only is she an heiress to a throne she doesn't want, but her whole family is cursed? What should she do when her time comes? Should she escape? What measures is she willing to take to get her happy ending.

She hates what her family is doing but, she knows what is right; what she should do. Can she go against her family's wishes and take the giant leap of changing her life? Or could it be too late?

Can they fix their lives and come out of it stronger? Or will it take the best of them?


  • 25092 words
  • About 100 pages
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2 comments on "Into the Deep"

Maple Twiggs on July 10, 2017, 4:33 p.m. said:

Maple Twiggs

Interesting so far. I'm a bit confused about some stuff and Sage would have to be over 18 for her parents not to know about her health issue. Overall some things seem to happen too abruptly in a narrative sense. But I am interested enough to keep reading!

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Mikayla Whitaker on July 10, 2017, 10:31 p.m. said:

Mikayla Whitaker

Thank you for your comment, I will fix that when I write the second draft. But I hope you like the story. :)

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