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It's going to be me (A Socialite girl novel #3)


The aftermath in Manhattan of the tragic death of a socialite, a person is now behind bars for wrongly hit & run for the crime that person didn't do, and the scandalous past from one of their own cost a person to ended up an exile, things are about to get worse for these rebels of socialites by topping off stress with the entire grades on college visits, mentoring, volunteering for the community and sabotaging to taking the troll on entire of them, with friendship and relationship is on the line and everything is about coming out in the open and all the dirtiest plots will come turning on them and everything won't be the same again when this month will come towards the end with the shocking truth is out of the closet.

This is the mid-finale for the fall novel, winter novel will come soon.


  • 106797 words
  • About 427 pages
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