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It's Too Late for Starr


Seventeen year old Starr Velez left behind the deaths of loved ones, being shunned by her peers, and losing all that she had, when she decided to make a fresh start. Her whole family was gone and after the funerals, she had no one else to lean on... she had to leave. There was too much pain, too many bad memories, horrible nightmares, she had to leave. She had to - because they all thought she did it. And even though she was several States away from her hometown of Brooklyn now, she kept with her the memories of everything that happened... and these memories haunted her. But then life finally got better in the Sunshine State when she finally began to accept her new life in Florida where a new love and new family helped her forget…then the murders started again


  • 47928 words
  • About 192 pages
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