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Kelsey Kellerman Is Not a Hero


Small-town teen Kelsey Kellerman has had enough. She's sixteen and recently realized she's gay. Her school is a breeding ground for homophobia which keeps her in the closet. She feels alienated from her straight friends at school, until she meets El, an out lesbian in Kelsey's grade. El becomes a confidant and mentor to Kelsey and the two quickly form a strong bond.

When Kelsey takes a trip to New York City to spend the weekend at her sister Julie’s apartment, her life gets a little more interesting. She meets Julie’s roommate Jordan, and is enamored of her and her openness with being gay. While snooping through Julie’s room, Kelsey finds something that spurs her into action. With El’s help, Kelsey embarks on a secret mission to turn their school upside down for the greater good of their peers.


  • 53134 words
  • About 213 pages
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