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Killer: A Love Story


As one of the few commuting students at Governor Semple Academy, Addison Andersen tries to blend into the damask-wallpapered halls. Not so easy when you weigh more than three of the other sophomores stacked together in a pretty-girl sandwich. When Addison is invited to run the Dear Abby column for her school’s blog, she feels that she might finally have a chance to tell these grass-fed, organically raised dolls what she really thinks. Until a message arrives to the blog from Killer who is ready to take down the school’s biggest bad-girl. In the race to find Killer, Addison falls in love with one suspect, while protecting another. Can she convince Killer to drop the gun before tragedy strikes?

KILLER: A LOVE STORY is a young adult thriller about shedding expectations to find your voice.


  • 44728 words
  • About 179 pages
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